Super Furry Animals

I’ve been pootling round their back catalogue a lot recently as a result of the near-immediate infatuation with their delightful new album, ‘Love Kraft’. It strikes me that there hasn’t really been another indie band of their calibre in the last couple of decades. Where some have triumphed early and others have waited their turn, SFA have never been less than great and frequently quite astonishingly good.
Whether you dip your (admittedly ear-based) toe into their Welsh language album, ‘Mwng’ or debut ‘Fuzzy Logic’ you’ll find superb melodies and an energy so abundant it can do wonders for a foul mood. Their best of, ‘Songbook Vol 1’ that came out last year is a fine starting place for anyone reading this who’s yet to allow the band into their abode.
The new album is a remarkable feat, coming as it does after the hugely ambitious ‘Rings Around The World’ and ‘Phantom Power’, two albums that were virtually born for surround sound. ‘Love Kraft’ picks up the sonic reins and pushes on further, lowering the pace but upping the ambition. A fantastic driving record that reveals little bits every time you listen.
This isn’t, perhaps, the most phenomenally well thought out piece of writing about the Super Furries, but it’s written with a deep-rooted love of their music as the primary motivation and if it causes one person to investigate further than they’ve previously done, it can’t be a bad thing, can it?

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