The Beta Band

I note that there’s a ‘best of’ released today for The Beta Band after their decision to call it a day earlier this year. It’s a shame that this’ll no doubt be bought in the same piffling quantities as their studio records of the past. While their debut album proper wasn’t great, their decision to rubbish it to all who’d listen around its released date virtually blew themselves out of the water and ended their climb to popularity. ‘The Three Eps’, their first full-lenth release, compiling – what are the chances – their first three eps, was a joy to behold, and as I play it again right now I have to wonder what sort of reaction it would get from so many people still yet to hear it. The plug in the film version of ‘High Fidelity’ may have helped a few more copies fly off the racks, but there was no such luck for their sublime last studio record, ‘Heroes To Zeros’ which was released in the first half of 2004.
That record pounded along with an energy that suggested new life and creativity within the ranks that excited me far more than most records released around the same time, and yet it was to prove their swansong. Their records are so cheap these days I urge you to take the punt – even if somehow they do nowt for you it won’t be much lost. The ‘best of’ might be a good place to start, but shrewd use of places like Amazon marketplace will put you together a bundle of their albums for a similar price.
Should you have chanced upon this blog, by the way, it stems from the site, which is updated from time to time. And, why not?

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