The Lost Revue – great new music

Just in case you’re a blogger not a fighter and haven’t read the main site’s proclamations about the genius of new band, The Lost Revue, I figure I should pop some info up here.

Their debut mini-album came into my possession over the weekend and is an absolute joy from start to finish. It made me grin like a small child on a trampoline and it made me dance like a dickhead. This record delivers on all of the bluster and hype attached to The Libertines that they so resolutely failed to match. It has elements of Strummer’s vocal style, with the the rhythmic bounce that is essential to 2005 indie, and yet it’s also unlike anything else I’ve heard all year.
Not convinced yet? Go to and there are free mp3s for you to experiment with. If you’re feeling even more brave, for a brief time, early copies of the mini-album ‘Orphans and Villains’ are available at

I’ve no reason to say this other than the fact that their record is bloody marvellous. Try it, you may well agree.


One thought on “The Lost Revue – great new music

  1. I caught them live a couple of weeks ago at The Dublin Castle in Camden.. Blew me away! These guys are awesome. I haven’t heard the new album yet but I think the free tracks on the website are pretty cool, although don’t capture the energy of their live performance. Definitely ones to watch.


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