The debut album from Misty’s Big Adventure arrived today. Having fallen head-over-heels with their second, ‘The Black Hole’, I had high hopes. I played it twice, back to back, and it appears to be of a similar vintage. This band are utterly joyous and I cannot praise them too highly. There is a tongue-in-cheek nature to some of the lyrics that stay the right side of being annoying and the music is stunning. So unbelievably quirky that I genuinely don’t think I can do them justice with mere words. Both CDs can be had for not too many of your British quids via the internet.

I listened to the recent Richard Hawley effort, ‘Coles Corner’ again last night, just prior to turning in. It really is as beautiful as them there taste-makers suggest. He’s got one of those delightful voices that sound just like he’s been preserved since the 1950s. The songwriting’s spot on too. I’ve enjoyed his stuff in the past and had somehow done a disservice to ‘Coles Corner’. I’ve still been playing it, don’t get me wrong, but I was under the impression he’d always been this good. Not so. I dug out ‘Lowedges’ the other day, and while it’s still a mighty fine record, the near-perfection of his latest effort is not there. It’s been out a few months now, so no doubt some bargain buckets music emporium will have it at £7 or less soon.

Having said that, I wish to remind everybody to support their local independent record store. If we’re not careful, soon we’ll all be left with HMV, Borders and Music Zone to sell us the same 50 CDs and inflated prices. No chance of happening upon Misty’s Big Adventure in the racks then.


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