Tony Blair and endless skinny women

Welcome to the first in an occasional series of musical gifts. To be fair, they’ll be gifts that no bugger’s buying and thus people shouldn’t get too upset about them being on this here site. To begin, a song that reminds me of the summer of 1998. Mark Radcliffe and Marc Riley were less than a year into a marvellous reign as Lords of Afternoon Radio on Radio 1 and this track was their record of the week. However, unlike most records of the week it ended up being a record of the weeks. It ended up occupying the title for three weeks and as a result it was tattooed onto my soul. After tracking a copy down in my local independent record store it became a prized possession. I still play this CD regularly, and am distraught if I’m away from home without in one form or another.
‘So, you evasive arse, what is the song?’ I hear you cry. It’s ‘I’ve Had Enough‘ by Hillman Minx. Yes, I know, you’ve never heard of them, but I swear to you, you need to hear this track. Designed as a polemic against the post-Britpop, Loaded-dominated ‘beer and tits – wahey!’ atmosphere of the late nineties, it manages to capture an early disillusionment with the supposedly improved UK that New Labour had implied it would offer. Plenty of the targets will raise a smirk, but I don’t want to analyse the lyrics here – they’re most effective when you listen to them.
Which, rather conveniently, you can do here

Do let me know what you think. Although, if you think it’s crap, you’re wrong, naturally.

Speak soon.


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