Feeling a bit crap

Absolutely bugger all of note to say today as I’m feeling rather poorly. Brief thoughts:
1) Wales did well this morning – it’s a shame to lose like that to Australia after they’d been battering us in the press, but nonetheless, a positive showing.
2) The new Crowded House album is unremarkable of first listen. Fingers crossed it’s a grower. It’ll take some doing to live up to the last Finn Brothers record.
3) The Seven Ages Of Rock is strangely ‘safe’ BBC documentary fare. Nothing much that we didn’t know already, and primarily a freak show to see what some of the world’s most famous journalists look like.

I’m in one of those moods where because I feel shit I want to go and buy a pile of records, but past experience tells me that doing that in this state simply results in me buying a pile of crap I’ll never play again.
I’m fighting the urge to click on the Amazon, Norman Records and Action Records websites.
Anyway, thanks for reading this tosh, I’ll attempt to use my brain tomorrow, if it’s working again.


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