What do you do when the music stops?

It’s boiling here. Technically summer from here on in, methinks. Which means one record in particular gets dusted down. Each year one album tends to get branded my ‘summer album of the year’. It’s not always obvious which record it’s going to be, but once an album clicks into place it gets played constantly throughout the warmer months. In 2005 it was the sublime ‘Road To Rouen‘ by Supergrass, and last year it was The Pipettes‘ debut album, ‘We Are The Pipettes‘. I started every work day with that album for three weeks on the trot almost a year ago. Harnessing all of the charms I’ve been exploring on the ‘Girl Group Sounds‘ boxset, along with 21st century lyrics packed with wit and charm. It’s a sing-a-long album and, as someone who mimes when called upon to join in with any kind of public singing, that takes some doing. If you didn’t pick this record up last year, do so now and guarantee a smile till September.
This year’s summer record looks like to be Wilco‘s ‘Sky Blue Sky‘ as things stand, but it’s not guaranteed just yet.

I listened to Christopher O’Riley‘s piano interpretations of Radiohead last night. Entitled ‘True Love Waits‘, it’s a collection of the great and good from the band’s back catalogue played in sparse but oddly affecting fashion. Quite apart from allowing me to wallow in the foul mood I was in it also made me think about how much I’d enjoy something similar for a number of artists. R.E.M., Elvis Costello and Rufus Wainwright all struck me as possible contenders for this. Simply thinking out loud here, or whatever the typing equivalent is. In a ‘loose-fingered’ fashion, perhaps? Although that sounds a little odd.

Finally, ‘Bit Of A Blur‘ by Alex James is out there. My copy’s on its way from Waterstone’s who send books via Royal Mail with free delivery, unlike a certain other internet store who are increasingly fond of those shoddy delivery networks that throw parcels around your garden, if they ever actually manage to deliver the thing in the first place. So, that was Waterstone’s. Very reasonable price.
Really looking forward to this one, although I’m still not happy about him selling his soul (well, extracts from his book) to The Mail On Sunday. Will feedback on it as soon as I have something to say.


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