Yadder, yadder and indeed yadder

A plug for someone I find rather interesting now. I’m a bit of a radio geek and some years back I first caught some of ‘Late Night Nick’ on Hallam FM in Sheffield. I found him more than a little obnoxious and disagreed with pretty much everything he said. However, as a fan of Nick Abbot, I was well aware of the fact that this is a requirement for any good talkshow host. I even went so far as slagging him off on some tinpot radio forum.
However, always one to admit if I’ve got it wrong, I happened upon his show again in a convenience store in Sheffield after leaving a gig at the Leadmill. It caused me to tune in again and suddenly something clicked. Nick, or to give him his full title, Nick Margerrison was bloody good at his job, and I made sure that I popped back to said tinpot radio forum to explain my change of heart. Hallam FM, in their infinite wisdom, stopped the phone-in element of the show and then stopped the Nick element of the show. He’s now doing music radio in Morecambe but writes a regular blog and has now branched out into podcasting. You may find him an acquired taste, and the podcast is in its infancy, but he’s an amusing man, and worth a few minutes of your time.
Find him here: www.margerrisons.blogspot.com

In addition, some vintage Nick Abbot has surfaced thanks to http://forums.nickabbot.info
Clicky here for part 1
Clicky here for part 2


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