Somewhere on the Goldhawk Road

Currently giving ‘The Good, The Bad & The Queen‘ another play. I remain convinced that the vinyl is the way to go with this one. While other albums have looked to be running it close for album of the year, thus far of course, it remains my favourite. The Manics, Wilco and Lavender Diamond all made strong pitches, but this one’s going to take some beating.
It’s claustrophobic and yet atmospheric. It’s brooding and yet sweetly beguiling. It’s full of longing and seemingly content with its lot. In short, it’s bloody great. I’m going to keep banging on about this record for, well, quite possibly, ever. I suspect it might well pass into the annals of time without due attention and admiration, despite critical approval on release. Where this really holds its own above the other contenders is the way it works as a complete listen, rather than simply being a selection of songs. While I hate turning any album off halfway through, this is one I simply can’t bear to interrupt. From the opening notes of ‘History Song‘ through to the clattering finale of ‘The Good, The Bad & The Queen‘, this album ebbs and flows and pulls you into every little musical nuance. I still don’t feel like I’ve heard everything there is to hear on this album, but with familiarity, far from bringing contempt, comes infatuation. Over at the previously recommended you can see a number of great TG,TB&TQ videos, including live performances and interviews to promote the new record. Worth a look.

Something Changed – The Britpop Yearsstarts tomorrow.


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