But it is still essentially an end

I think it’s safe to say that the Editors are never going to release an album called ‘Ten Songs About Picnics and Wanking‘. The new album, ‘An End Has A Start‘ picks up where ‘The Back Room‘ left off. It’s slightly more relentless in terms of maintaining the pressure throughout and the production is a little smoother, but the all-encompassing sense of dread that was so successful on the debut is still the key-selling point. I’ve not played it enough to offer any valuable insights on lyrical quality, but it does seem to have the tunes. I get the feeling that there’s a bit of a backlash against them already, which I don’t really understand. It seems that there is a suggestion that with the sheer wealth of bands out there people are only adoring the ‘next big thing’ for one album, before moving on. If you liked ‘The Back Room‘ then I can’t imagine you being anything other than delighted with ‘An End Has A Start‘. The vinyl comes in a kind of thick yellow tracing paper inner sleeve that wears through on all sides with depressing ease, but it looks pretty!

I’ll be posting random thoughts across the weekend to make up for the lack on content on Thursday and Friday.


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