And it’s still raining

The Manics did ok, although I think I prefered the interview with Zane afterwards. Not their natural environment, but they were fairly well received, and Nina from The Cardigans managed to stick to the tune of ‘Your Love Alone Is Not Enough’. Only caught a bit of Beirut, but it looked bloody great. I was asked how I’d describe them and I was reminded of a review I read that said something along the lines of, “it’s the album of the decade. That decade being the 1920s” or somesuch. For me it’s cossack-folk with hippy love sprinkled all over it.
The Kaiser Chiefs appeared to be all bluster and self-worship with piss-poor vocals just to top it all off. Alex Greenwald managed to cause all kinds of mental anguish for security by climbing up into the gantry during Mark Ronson’s performance while doing his vocal on ‘Just‘. All good fun, but didn’t really add to the experience of the really rather good studio album.
Chemicals looked ace, but it’s not really what you want blaring out of the telly late on a Sunday night. In fact, that seems to be exactly what The Who were made for. BBC2 has been broadcasting them for a solid hour and fifteen minutes as I type this. Fair play to them for that. Poor old Roger’s voice isn’t what it was, but they can still put on a decent show. The Gossip are on one of the other stages. I just don’t get the appeal.
Well, there’s plenty to mull over for the final comment on the weekend, but a number of acts did themselves proud. Plenty of mediocrity as always, mind.

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