Gum boots

Editors were outstanding. Maximo Park pulled an absolute blinder. Sometimes all it takes is one fantastic festival performance to put everything into place. Certainly the case for me and, as almost certainly nobody calls them, the Park.
Seth Lakeman had his moments. Mika didn’t. Neither did Bassey. Young Knives sounded a little bit all over the place, as did The Rumble Strips, although I think they’re meant to sound like that. The Killers were as dull as you might expect. Wasn’t entirely convinced by Weller for once, and didn’t quite sense the majesty of CSS that everyone else seems to think is present. Nice of BBC3 to give us all of five minutes of the Manics. Bit of a weird day in terms of coverage. Edith Bowman really is one the most depressingly uninteresting individuals to ever have walked this fair planet of ours. Mind you, I’m even finding Lauren Laverne annoying this weekend, and I normally have plenty of time for whimsical ways.
I’m going to delay the ‘Revelations Of The Week‘ until tomorrow so that I can do a Glasto special.
In the meantime, if you need to do some homework, the place to go is the BBC Glasto site.

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