Certainly triggered

It’s the dreaded British indie episode of ‘Seven Ages Of Rock‘ tonight. I’ll be recording it, as ‘Jekyll’ is on at the same time, but whenever I get around to viewing it I’ll report back on how traumatised I was by the whole experience. I guess there’s a chance they’ll do it well.

Maximo Park live from the Oxford Union tonight on Channel 4, apparently. It’s one of those Vodaphone TBA things, that seem to exist only to get the name ‘Vodaphone’ into the tv listings. And blogs, evidently.
Maximo Park are my current love affair. I have a habit of throwing myself into the collecting of a band or artist as soon as that magic ‘click’ occurs and I realise their greatness. I’ve stubbornly held out on Maximo Park for some time, but thinking back, I’m not sure why. I took a punt on ‘Our Earthly Pleasures‘ back in April because the CD was fairly cheap, and realised that they weren’t at all bad. A chance to buy the special edition of the debut at a good price ensured that that was in the collection too. However, the adoration didn’t happen until the Glastonbury performance (See video clip in a previous post.) They delivered a blistering live set and suddenly I realised what I’d been missing.
As a result, this week has involved tons of Maximo Park stuff pouring through the letterbox, including a multi-coloured pile of 7″ singles, a Japanese b-sides collection, a limited edition CD/DVD book thingy and both albums I already own, but this time on vinyl. Ok, so they didn’t come through the letterbox, but you get the idea. I have form for this kind of behaviour. But, it’s not like I don’t listen to it all, and thoroughly enjoy it.
I really do recommend that you check out the Field Music re-version of ‘I Want You To Stay‘, available on the single of that name, or for download via the excellent Bleep.
The music’s spiky, the lyrics are just the right side of odd and the presentation is perfect. An indie band that’s a cut above the rest. It’d be nice to hear about an act such as this lot on tonight’s ‘Seven Ages’, but I suspect it’ll be the Oasis show. I’d love to be proved wrong.


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