You’re like House without the limp

Musical Revelations Of The Week:

Maximo ParkEvery last thing they’ve every done, seemingly. As I may have mentioned, Maximo Park’s performance at Glastonbury last weekend sparked something in me and another ‘new favourite band’ was born. I’m well aware that they’re not ‘new’, indeed I already had both of their albums prior to seeing this performance. But something about their presence on stage, in particular that of frontman, Paul Smith, pushed all the right button. It’s spiky, literate indie with no shortage of noise and thrust. It doesn’t come across as particularly fashionable, just hugely enjoyable. As a result of that dawning realisation I reverted to my teenage approach to music and started to hoover up everything I could find. Only difference being I now have access to eBay and Amazon marketplace, which makes it both easier and more expensive. It’s been fun though. Lovely assortment of colours on the 7″ vinyl.
Ryan Adams – ‘Easy Tiger‘ It’s a very nice record. I’m sorry to use the word ‘nice’, but that’s where I’m up to at the moment. Considering he releases a recording of pretty much every noise that is ever emitted from his body, simply being nice isn’t too bad an achievement. There is a very limited edition orange vinyl pressing of this one, and unlikely previous Lost Highway vinyl outings, it’s a pretty quiet pressing. I think I like it, although I couldn’t hum you a tune from it if you put a gun to my head. That said, if you’re the kind of person who would put a gun to someone’s head over a Ryan Adams album then I suspect you’re probably unhinged enough for me to get away with a brief doo-doo-doo. Is this the worst review ever written. Possibly.
Super Furry Animals – ‘Show Your Hand’ Possibly the greatest comeback single of the year. The album, ‘Hey Venus!‘ is yet another sun-kissed SFA masterwork. Is any other act this consistently bloody brilliant? Caught a performance of the new single from Glasto last weekend, and it really is as good as it first seemed. Sixties harmonies, pure-pop melodies and a real sense of urgency. It’ll probably get to Number 22 and then drop like a stone, but then this is the same public that thought Michelle MacManus had a pop career in her. (Do your own joke)

Non-musical Revelations Of The Week:

Scrubs – It returned to E4 this week, for season six. This prompted me to resume devouring season five on DVD. It really is never less than hilarious, and often much funnier than that. The shift in JD’s character as he is now, at least nominally, Cox’s equal is well handled, while Cox’s breakdown after a wrong decision made for some genuinely lump-in-the-throat viewing. An undervalued work of genius that nobody will shout about until it’s long gone, no doubt.
News 24 bloke with enormous bouffon grey hairdo – Good grief. I happened to have News 24 on yesterday morning, while they were covering the Queen‘s visit to the Scottish Parliament. Listening to this bloke trying to string a sentence together was genuinely disturbing. Every so often you were on edge as you waited to see if he’d actually died or simply forgotten every single word in the English language. Thank God that Peter Sissons was on duty when the burning car got stuck in the automatic doors at Glasgow airport.
Buying shops that have been in administration twice already isn’t a good idea – ‘Nuff said.


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