Angel Interceptor

For all of my independent record shop rhetoric I caved today. Morrisons are doing their chart CDs for £7, and the new Ash and Chemical Brothers albums were sitting there, luring me in. The Chemicals album might have something about it, but the first listen proved it to be wallpaper with slightly higher bpm.
The Ash album, however, is a beauty. I didn’t think they had it in them after the terrible, terrible career nadir of ‘Meltdown‘, but this is the power pop indie of old. It’s their ‘last’ album before they go download singles only on our collective asses. Nice bit of PR but it means bugger all. Shame mind, as this may be their most cohesive album to date.
Sadly, I was correct about Seven Ages Of Rock. At least half the show appeared to be given over to Oasis. Yes, Noel is a cracking interviewee, but he’s said pretty much all he’s going to say on the subject now. Occasionally I thought, “woo, here we go, some time on Suede or Blur“, but having had them on screen for a few minutes of we were back to the riverboat on Gallagher senior’s alimentary canal. Where were Sleeper, Pulp, Dodgy, Supergrass, Super Furry Animals, Elastica and so on? It was 50% longer than the other episodes, so the need for a precise focus is bullshit. The film about Britpop, ‘Live Forever‘, managed to cram plenty of indie luminaries into its ninety minutes. It was engaging telly, but another missed opportunity. Part 2 of ‘Something Changed’, the Britpop review will be on here towards the end of this week. Oh, and fucking Franz Ferdinand at the end. When was this made? May 2005?

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