I once sat a few seats down from farmer boy at a Rufus Wainwright concert

I picked up the ‘Glastonbury’ movie yesterday. Haven’t watched it yet, but did flick through the bonus material and got all maudlin at the interview with the late, great Peelie. Anyway, this reminded me of a genius Glasto moment from this year that I forgot to talk about. Namely…

Only Rufus.

T’is worth shoving the word ‘Glastonbury’ into YouTube. You can turn up all sorts of vintage performances. And The Seahorses doing ‘Love Is The Law’, back in 1997!

One other thing. I noticed that Dermot O’Leary’s Saturday Show on Radio 2 has spawned a compilation album full of live performances recorded for said broadcast. It has to be said that it is overwhelmingly average with one notable exception. That exception is a quite brilliant ska take on ‘Everybody’s Changing’ (the Keane tune) by Lily Allen. Genius, I promise.
EDIT: Oh, just found a slightly shite quality version with a truly terrible video on YouTube. Presumably the shitty video was made so that they could simply upload a cracking tune. Enjoy.


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