Fizzy cola bottles for me every time

I had no idea there was a video for ‘In The Neighbourhood’ by Tom Waits, but it would seem the Tube wishes to enlighten me.

I’ve just ordered the new biog by Patrick Humphries. His Nick Drake book was a little dull, but the reviews for this one have been universally positive, despite not saying an awful lot about the quality of the writing. Still, with Waits it’s generally worth a punt.

This is in complete contrast with the music I’ve been listening to thus far today. Picked up the Sugababes best of for a fiver in Woolies earlier, which in turn led to the Girls Aloud greatest hits. Also had a first listen to the debut album by Justice, which is an awful like Daft Punk put through a blender and the latest Josh Rouse finally got a full airing. Better than ‘Subtitulo’, which is more than enough good news for me. Splendidly cheap music DVDs in Woolies at the moment, by the way. The highlight is the recent Marvin Gaye CD/DVD retrospective thingy, ‘The Real Thing.’ Well worth the fiver they’re asking. Other entertainment shops are available.

For the time being at least.


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