"Well, hello there, girl’s name"

Musical Revelations Of The Week:
Spoon – ‘Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga‘ – As documented in yesterday’s post, I made a bit of a boob with this band, and ignored them because I, ahem, didn’t like the artwork of one of their old albums. Turns out I had my head nestled firmly up my arse. Feel-good indie with charming melodies that is a late contender for album of the summer. Mind you, summer’s late too, so who knows, the summer album might come out in October!
Lily Allen‘Everybody’s Changing‘ – Her utterly fabulous ska-cover of the pleasant-enough Keane single had passed me by until I was in a situation whereby I was listening to a compilation of live stuff from Dermot O’Leary‘s Radio 2 show. It turns out that it was the b-side to the 7″ of ‘Littlest Things‘, which is now winging its way to me. Who knows, if the posties show up to work tomorrow, I might even receive it.
Josh Rouse – ‘Country Mouse, City House‘ – Wooo. ‘Subtitulo‘ may have been mediocre tosh and ‘She’s Spanish, I’m American‘ was a quaint diversion, but this latest effort from Josh is right back up to his usual high standards. On the off chance we have some sunshine this week, feel free to dust down ‘1972‘ and ‘Nashville‘ and play them back to back with this newie for some genuinely sunny tunes. As cheesy a comment as I’ve ever made, but accurate, methinks.

Non-musical Revelations Of The Week:
Jekyll – What a fantastic conclusion. Some neat twists, brilliant acting and numerous laugh-out-louders. A genuinely brilliant piece of modern drama. More, I say, more!
Scrubs – Yeah, I know I keep banging on about Scrubs at the moment, but I’m only doing it because it’s ace. This coming Thursday on E4, at 9pm (repeated numerous times, including Saturday at 5.30pm) is a quite brilliant episode with a musical theme. I’m aware that truly shite shows have attempted this in the past, but rest assured that the Scrubs writers pull this off with aplomb. You’ll particularly enjoy the song about poo. No, really. Ah, go on then, here’s the two best songs:
‘Everything Comes Down To Poo’

‘Guy Love’

Nick Abbot on LBC – I used to love Nick’s phone-in shows of the 90s on Talk Radio and Virgin. Having been quiet for a few years, Nick returned to the phone last year and is now running at full speed. This week he filled in for Iain Lee for a few evenings, and I can’t recall sniggering at a radio show so much since Kevin Greening left daytime Radio 1 for the last time. While I can’t recommend future fill-ins, as I’m not aware of any, I can point out that he’s on every Saturday at 10pm, via channel 0177 on Sky and through their website at www.lbc.co.uk If you do fancy treating yourself, you can subscribe to their podcast service, which will allow you to download all of Nick’s past shows. If you happen to do that, and want some tips on which ones to get, get in touch.

Have a good week all.


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