Leaving it propped against the door wasn’t so great though

I take it all back. I’m very sorry, people of Royal Mail-shire. T’was a splendid surprise to see a woman pushing around one of those hi-tech mailbag-on-a-trolley devices today, delivering the mail in place of our normal postie. As a result, I am in possession of the Edgar Jones album!
It really is as good as I was hoping for, if not a little bit better. I’m not sure how best to describe it, but it resembles one of those exceptionally good compilation albums put together by trendy record labels with a mix of early sixties rock’n’roll, reggae and soul. It certainly doesn’t sound like it was recorded any time in the last forty years. Nevertheless, it’s bloody marvellous and sounded fantastic sat out in the garden during what was officially the first proper day of summer. It has left me in an astoundingly good mood, so good that even the little errors with the BBC‘s iPlayer thingy won’t make me cross. Honest. No, really. Ok, well maybe a little bit.
This is a track from the Edgar Jones album (which is called ‘Gettin’ A Little Help From “The Joneses”‘) that isn’t particularly representative, but then no one song is, I’m afraid.
Just buy it! (Here, if you so desire)


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