Part of a tour visiting a dying breed

The M.I.A. album is something of an aural assault from start to finish. I finally picked up the debut, ‘Arular‘ the other week because a) I figured that I should probably hear it after all of the praise it received and b) it was £4. I’ve still not played it as a cursory flick through the tracks didn’t exactly ignite my interest.
The newie, ‘Kala‘, has once again received excellent reviews, with some pundits declaring it a far superior record to the first. As a result, during my first visit to Leicester’s Rockaboom (a slightly sparse, but well-priced indie store) I took the opportunity to sample bits of it through the left-hand-earphone-functional-only listening post. Even with such restrictive audio kit it was clear that the album is something worthy of place in any music fan’s collection. It’s challenging, it’s loud, it’s occasionally bereft of actual tunes, but by fuckery you can’t ignore it. It’s noisy, it’s urgent, it’s fun. It’s over-the-top, it’s under-developed, it’s a complete up yours to what the music selling and music buying public probably thought it would be. I can’t capture its spirit adequately via a simple review, so I’m hoping the bare bones approach of what I’ve said thus far will provoke a purchase and save me having to try, having already deleted several attempts thus far.

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