I just can’t deal with all of the success

Musical Revelations Of The Week:
M.I.A. – ‘Kala‘ – See yesterday’s post for the rapturous response to this record. I still can’t quite think how to describe this sufficiently. That said, it’s an enormous mish-mash of music and noise and it’ll hold your attention right through the eventual whirring of the CD player grinding to a halt.
Richard Hawley‘Lady’s Bridge’ – There are those who would have you believe that this record is Hawley treading water. Such nonsense. To me it seems the logical follow on from ‘Coles Corner’, and by that I don’t mean he’s simply remade his previous album, I mean that he has continued the lush orchestrations, developed the styles and honed his voice to its finest sound to date. Treat yourself to this one; you’ll not be disappointed with it.
Wilco – Sky Blue Sky’ – So, it turns out it was the album of the summer after all. Finally got a chance to test it during some lovely weather on Wednesday.
*MROTW is somewhat concise this week due to it being a bank holiday and us having guests. Sorry about that. Likewise for the NMROTW, although I suspect I’d have gone with this whatever the situation.
Non-musical Revelations Of The Week:
Gareth Jenkins is a clown – No further explanation required.
The Welsh rugby team has not bulked up like virtually every other team in advance of the World Cup – We get bullied. A lot. If we can’t be a constant force, we can’t win.
Realising that all the effort I went to track down my World Cup tickets was probably a waste of time – *cries a little bit – in a manly way, like*

2 thoughts on “I just can’t deal with all of the success

  1. Totally agree with the Hawley comment-and as for the Welsh team,well,Gareth Jenkins seemed to be trying to blame the players after the thrashing by England when he put a bunch of no hopers on the field.Today’s heavy defeat at the hands of the French 2nd team makes me think we’re going to have a Samoa moment and not even qualify for the Quarter Finals.What do you think of ALberta Cross-there’s definitely some Neil Young going on there.Just been listening to Room Temperature Cat(formerly from Cardiff) and Radio Luxembourg(from Aberystwyth) on myspace.Worth a listen.
    Steve in Monmouth

  2. Definitely some hints of Young in the Alberta Cross stuff. Pleasant enough, although they’ve yet to keep my attention with anything.
    Will have to check out the others you mention.
    As for Jenkins I suspect the Jones/Hook problem will be the next crisis for him to lurch to. Listening to Ratty saying we’re World Cup contenders and now Alfie saying it’s time to go flat out it all seems a little silly. They say it after every game, as if the public has no memory whatsoever. I genuinely hope we do well – I’m not going to be anti the team just cos of GJ, but at the same time, Jenkins is on his last legs right now. Who will fell us in the pool stages then? Fiji or Canada? I agree that it’s alarmingly possible.

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