I’m a traitor. Oh well

One of the internet boards I frequent had a thread today asking for posters to recommend one track from iTunes that people might enjoy. Naturally, I’m not one to condone all of this downloading ahead of buying from lovely wee record shops that go out of business if we ignore them and just go for convenience over personal service and physical product (yup, still bitter about Reveal), but I thought I’d join in. And, in an act of word-recycling in these eco-friendly times, I thought ‘fuck it’, that’ll go nicely in the blog. So here it is.
The Innocence Mission – ‘Tomorrow On The Runway
A hauntingly beautiful track.

P.S. My thanks to Richard Hawley for alerting me to this one via his excellent forum, on which he does post. What a nice man.
P.P.S. Maps tour dates have been announced. Buy tickets now before the Mercury Music Prize bluster causes a sellout.

2 thoughts on “I’m a traitor. Oh well

  1. Yes, yes, yes Maps to win Mercury Music Prize…he’s a genius.

    You going to the gig on Weds?

    I am. fancy meeting up?

    Am a fellow blogger and be nice to meet other peeps doing the same.


  2. Not seeing James till October. Enjoy the gig, I’m somewhat jealous.
    In a way I’d like him to win, but on the other hand I can’t help worrying about the Mercury curse.

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