Like the independent record shop guide in this month’s Mojo, only for the UK, rather than America

Following on from a comment from the enigmatically named, ‘Anonymous’, I’m going to embark upon a massive great list project of the UK’s greatest indie stores. At this stage, mind you, they’ve got to be pretty bloody good to still be alive. I’d like to offer info about the stores, possible web links and any thoughts from actual, real-life people who’ve been there.
This will grow into something splendid, hopefully, but it will require input from the delightful army of lovelies who visit this site from time to time.
I’ll spread out my contributions over a few posts, and as the series grows I’ll put a collection of links in a menu on the right-hand side of the blog, so that you can find them all easily. Ain’t that neat?

First up, the soon-to-be-no-more Reveal Records of Derby. Quite possibly my favourite record shop of all time, but their time is up, and the shop has only months to live. As stock levels dwindle and prices slowly descend it’ll no doubt slip in the rankings as it becomes transparently obvious that the game is up, but for the time being I’m almost telling myself that “it’ll all be ok.”
A wide variety of genres are covered, along with bargain prices through 2 for £10 offers and the like, and with the current desire to shift stock prior to closure, the bargains will increase. It feels a little like ambulance chasing, but it’s gonna happen whether I get a few cheap records or not.
Reveal also has its own record label, featuring Joan As Police Woman and Lau. All good stuff.

Over the weekend, whenever I can be arsed, I’ll add Selectadisc of Nottingham, Spillers Records of Cardiff, Norman Records in Leeds and Action Records of Preston.
Throw your delightful ideas in my web-based direction should you so desire.

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