Live and interactive

A brief initial post in which I point out that I would love Maps to win the Mercury tonight. Of course, if James (Maps) Chapman is the winner now I’m going to be annoyed that I put no money on it. Still, it’s a wonderful album and if you don’t own it yet, then you really need to sort yourself out.
Anyhoo, this post will be contiuned later with reaction to the event.
It’s ‘live’ on BBC4 from 9pm.
Well, The View were shite, as was Jamie T and that old Rascal. The Young Knives had a certain charm, although they were a little nervy, and New Young Pony Club went from a band I’d wanted to investigate to the ‘not bothering with them’ list. The Maps performance just edged it for me, although La Maison du Vin did a wonderful job of putting the attention back on the music and the Bat For Lashes album has just been purchased. Neat little performance from Glasto by the Arctics, while Klaxons were somewhat wonky as is always the risk with so much in the high-notes range – sounds a bit better on record. Basquiat Strings weren’t all playing the same song, to my knowledge and Fionn Regan conducted himself with a fragile majesty.
And the winner is…
(God, Jools is a knob!)
The Klaxons!
What the fuck happened there then? Just goes to show that the Mercury is the most bizarre music prize in the world. Bear in mind that in the past they did give it to M People. The Klaxons are crying on stage. Awww. Couple of decent songs lads, but do they really deserve this?
Ah well, good exposure for Maps and I’ve found a nice album from Bat For Lashes. Night all.

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