I was, er, ‘on board’

Two great artists were played on last night’s Zane Lowe programme – the first of which being Laura Marling. The new single, ‘New Romantic‘, is what won me over, but here’s the last one, ‘London Town‘:

The second spiffing piece of musical niceness came from Adele. Again, it was her new single, ‘Hometown Glory‘, that grabbed my attention, but here’s a performance of a track called ‘Daydreamer‘ from Later.

P.S. You may remember that some time back in June I alerted you to the podcasting efforts of Nick Margerrison, a DJ and now stand-up who offers something a little different in the increasingly muddied waters of British radio. Well, the fine chap has got himself a brilliant gig which’ll start in October. Nick’s going to be doing late nights on Kerrang! Radio in Brum. Bearing in mind the kind of show he’s replacing, it’s safe to say he should have enough freedom to produce a show as great as the Hallam FM triumphs that converted me some years ago. Info here.

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