*Blinks* Hello?

I’m not sure I even expect anyone to ever read this. If you are one of the loyal band of readers from the middle of 2007 then bless you for returning in the hope of something new. It’s been a while. Why? I dunno. I just got bored of trying to find the words to describe music, when the music itself couldn’t be boiled down to such a simplistic reading otherwise it wouldn’t be great in the first place. Doyouknowworramean? Nope? Fair enough. Anyhoo, things have changed a little and I’ve spent the last couple of days completely immersed in my record collection and thoughts turned back to this little corner of the interweb. I think I’ll need to stick to the format that had crept in just before it ran aground – presenting things for you to try rather than talking in great detail. That said, there’d be no point this existing if I didn’t pour forth on certain artists and records every so often.

The most immediate factor in my posting today was Richard Hawley’s quite sublime gig in Buxton last night. For more on that, and him, see the separate post for it.

Anywa, how the devil are you? Recommend me some stuff to have a listen to via the comments option below and let’s get this show back on the road. Not ‘arf, pop-pickers.

One thought on “*Blinks* Hello?

  1. Hello, welcome back! I used to read your blog regularly and I apologise now for never commenting.

    I don’t have any recommendations for you at all I’m afraid. I used to rely on you to remind me to listen to new music!

    Keep blogging though – I’m still interested in your record collection and I’m sure that the others will return.

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