Sunday Shuffle – Take Five (more)

1. Jimmy McGriff – Cash Box

Funkier than the proverbial Mosquito’s tweeter. Whatever that mad-as-a-table songsmith Nina Simone was on about, it’s a cracking phrase and damned appropriate for this swinging bit of organ work from the really rather splendid McGriff. You only really need one album of his and, rather splendidly, ‘The Best Of The Sue Years 1962-1965’ was release a couple of years back at a bargain price. All the tracks match this hip-shufflingly high standard and never fail to raise a smile. Even when your rugby team has been booted out of the Heineken Cup by Toulouse. Smile along.

2. Freddie Hubbard – Hub’s Nub

Cards on the table, I’m not sure I’ve ever played this before. I got myself a bulk load of jazz not all that long ago and I’m still working through it. Classy enough from the get go as it hails from the Blue Note stables and thus can’t be anything other than good and is likely to be great. My foot’s tapping at a fairly swift rate. Splendid trumpeteering throughout, although I’m finding it hard to passionately care one way or the other about this. I hate to say this about any piece of music, but it’s, ahem, nice.

3. Radiohead – Something To Hate

From a bizarre Radiohead rarities collection that I dug up over at, this is nothing to write home about. In fact, it’s an absolutely dreadful piece from the early peroxide days. What were they thinking. Thankfully, it’s only 1:15 long!!

4. Laura Marling – (Interlude) Crawled Out Of The Sea

Technically, the next track was a Nick Abbot phone-in programme from 1998, but I’ve decided against including those. The next musical track was this, a brief moment of musical majesty from Laura Marling. To understand just how great she is, feel free to scroll down through this blog to see me rhapsodising at length about her on numerous occasions. Here she is performing it in a Brighton record shop, although it comes after ‘Cross Your Fingers’, as per the album tracklist.

5. Paul Weller – I Wanna Make It Alright

Quality tune from the somewhat overlooked, ‘As Is Now’. After the somewhat bloated ‘Illumination’ and the pleasant enough covers album, ‘Studio 150’, this album was a surprisng return to form from Weller and this one is a lovely, Swinging-Sixties style piece that demonstrates what a wonderful, soulful voice Weller has.

Here’s a live performance to enjoy


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