Come here, little boy

Just when you thought she couldn’t be any more repulsive, Madonna comes back and trounces her previous lows. Have you seen the video for ‘4 Minutes’? I was unfortunate enough to stumble across it today and found it absolutely terrifying. It appeared to be a promotional video for some kind of Granny-porn fetish site, in which their young male model who looked a bit like Justin Timberlake, only with far too many scarves, was groomed by an old dear whose clothes kept coming off in quite sinister fashion.

Does she honestly believe this is a good idea? Naturally, this is part 2 of the exciting, ‘What was she thinking?‘ series, although for somewhat different reasons. I’m amazed that Madonna is persisting with that little dance she seems to think looks good and, at about the 3:15 mark, makes it seem like she’s taken a little tumble. Which, at her age, is not surprising.

Of course, all of this would be of little consequence if the song wasn’t based around the sound of two rhinos having a farting competition. Would have made for a more interesting video anyway.

Fair play to Justin Timberlake. As a first project since he pledged to work with ‘Help The Aged’, it’s probably a little bit more high profile than he’d anticipated, but he’s had a go. The huge wads of cash probably had nothing to do with it, and he really did want to work on some sub-standard tosh with a singer who hasn’t released a decent record in six years.

The Kooks can fuck off too.


On a lighter note, and I don’t think that phrase has ever previously been used with this band before, you can watch Portishead performing seven songs from their forthcoming new album, ‘Third‘, in a special broadcast on Current TV. UK viewers can see it on Sky Channel 193 at various times over the next few days or you can simply nip over to the Current website and watch the video there. Here it is in a small, blog-friendly box.


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