Yes, another new artist decorated in hyperbole!

£17.50! £17.50! That’s all it cost to see Richard Hawley in a tiny little venue in Derby last night. Not only that, and that’s more than enough for that price, but the support act was absolutely beguiling. Pete Molinari has, rather shamefully, not been on my radar up to this point, save for a decent tune that appeared on a recent Mojo cover CD.

Playing solo, with nowt but a guitar and a harmonica, Molinari’s raw vocal performance had me entranced from start to finish. It’s hard to capture quite why. For a start, he has a deep, languid speaking voice but, at times, he sounds almost feminine when singing. He’s bluesy and folksy and, on certain songs, there’s hints of Dylan, in line with his traditional influences. In amongst the rather splendid self-penned songs came what I truly believe to be the best version of ‘Satisfied Mind‘ I’ve ever heard. Words won’t do it justice, so I’ll not even try. Instead, allow YouTube to win you over…

And find out more about Pete Molinari via this fantastic interview on the Undercover website.

(Oh, and check the mux for a track. Plus, new stuff from Occasional Keepers, Northern Portrait, Bon Iver and Elbow, plus classic Trashcan Sinatras and Band Of Horses)