It’s not raining on my sofa

Plenty of decent stuff already on the Beeb. Keep flicking on the red button, or visit the BBC webpages to see a blistering set by Candi Staton, some excellent librarian-rock from Young Knives and an intense bit of tunery from Editors. The first outbreak of seal-clubbing has been spotted during The Tings Tings‘ set. Delightfully quirky vocal on record, agonising mid-excretal-endeavours yelp live. Shame.
My intense hatred of Bowman has been reunited by the BBC Three coverage. I assumed, however foolishly, that she’d be absent having just had a wee baby. No such luck, it would seem. Radcliffe and Laverne will steer the good ship late night BBC2 from 11, so we should be in safe hands then. The late night shows are the only time lovely Lauren doesn’t use her slightly annoying over the top elongating of words in an ironic stylee voice these days. Should be some good music too, of course. The Jimmy Cliff set’s on BBC4 soon too. I’m fairly certain that everything I’m mentioning will be iPlayer/BBC site based for seven days hereafter so you can trawl as and when you see fit.
The Fratellis now – I can do without them, to be honest. The Hoosiers and The Feeling were almost enjoyable earlier, in a whistle-along-at-the-festival kind of way. Can’t help thinking that they’d have been better suited to a sunny Saturday afternoon rather than a pissing with rain Friday tea time.

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