What the cocking hell are Bloc Party doing?

I’m not one to make a big fuss of not-especially-legit interweb downloadage – mainly because I love record shops and adore the sound quality of well made discs, rather than any issues with morality – but, without much hunting you should be able to track down the new Bloc Party single, ‘Mercury‘. It leaked earlier after the tech boffins at Radio 1 put their BP exclusive online 90 minutes early. Anyway, if you’ve not found it, I imagine Zane Lowe‘s homepage has probably got it by the time you read this.

Anyway, it’s very, very odd. Now, I loved ‘Flux‘, their last single, which pissed off an awful lot of fans. I’ve seen this described as a cross between ‘The Prayer‘ and ‘Flux‘ on one message board and I can kind of take the point. That said, ‘The Prayer‘ had a cracking and thumping drum track and ‘Flux‘ was a serious band after too many Skittles and cheap cola. This is just…bad.

I’m actually quite offended by the repeated bit: "My mercury’s in retrograde", looped and twisted and just fucking annoying. I’ve just had my third listen, just to ensure it’s a bad as I first thought it was.

If you’d like to tell me why this isn’t a hugely disappointing release from a band who have, at times, promised such great things, then please do. ‘Flux‘ convinced me that they were back on the right path after the mushy sound of their last album, but this is awful. Apologies for not being more eloquent about this, but why search for twenty words when ‘crap’ will do?

On the plus side, the new Beck album is ace.

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