The Jamie Lidell album, ‘Jim’, is fantastic, but I’ll write about that next time.

I love a good pop tune. I tend to only think about this at the weekend. This coincides with chunks of time spent flitting about between all of the music video channels. Obviously, most of what I end up catching is shite. But, in amongst the seemingly endless supply of Girls Aloud (hey, who’s complaining?) can be found some wonderful tunes. The track ‘Love Song’ by Sara Bareilles (two attempts) has been all over the radio for weeks now and I remember some of the pre-release interest was centred around the fact that her label told her to write some love songs for her album if she wanted to be a success, so she wrote a song about that and cunningly titled it in a way to confuse said suited buffoons. I hadn’t really taken in how good the song is until I caught the rather twee video. Now, I can’t deny that my interest was piqued in a different way than radio play can manage, but the song is wonderful pop. Well-produced, piano and vocals to the fore, splendid little melody and doesn’t outstay its welcome. One of the singles of the year thus far.

Another song I was surprised to find myself liking was‘s ‘Heartbreaker‘, which should really be disqualified from the off because off his bloody stupid name. However, it’s a quality bit of throwaway pop. Slightly cheesy, repetitive chorus? Check. Random famous female vocalist? Check. (Cheryl Cole) Mid-song swearing to catch out shit local radio DJs? Check. The video is crap, mind, but the song’s very good indeed.

The Bareilles (first time!) team appear to disagree with YouTube video embedding. So, you’ll have to click on the words ‘Love Song’ to hear that one. is available below.


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