A few, minor things

Christ, the coverage of T in the Park was dreadful. I mean truly awful. For a start, it was hosted by that bloody Bowman individual, along with ‘Grimmy‘ (lovably cutesy nickname always means wanker – he doesn’t disappoint) and Jeff Leach (whoever the fuck he is.) On top of this, the choice of songs offered up was piss poor. For example, when Primal Scream were shown, was it a late nineties/early noughties electronic beast? No. It was fucking ‘Rocks‘. What a surprise. R.E.M. headling, eh? Ah, well, headlines get a good few songs don’t they? What can we look forward to? ‘What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?‘ and ‘Man On The Moon’. That was it. Two songs!

"But, the Sunday night highlights package was 135 minutes long," I hear you cry. Indeed, but after the first hour, it consisted of The Fratellis, KT Tunstall and Amy MacDonald. Presumably, as I can’t think of any musical reasons for showing them, because they’re Scottish and it’s a Scottish music festival. Just as the Glastonbury highlights were only based on English bands, of course. Numpties.

So, if I can recommend just one thing to do with T, it’s to not bother even watching bits via the BBC website. Waste of time.

Secondly, I finally browsed through the photos and artwork found on CD2 in the ‘In Rainbows’ boxset earlier and was pleasantly surprised. There’s some lovely stuff on there, such as this one, which is now my wallpaper. Not sure why I’m telling you this as if you’ve not got the discbox it’s sold out and if you’ve got it, you’re probably not as tardy as my good self. If you are, however, then go and have a look now. I remain of the belief that ‘In Rainbows’ is a truly great album, by the way.


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