So, in conclusion, don’t read this…

I love Steve Lamacq. Not like that. Obviously. Although, I guess I could pretend if I could get near his record collection. He was the aural comfort blanket on the nineties and I adored listening every evening to the Session. Jo Whiley‘s subsequent media whoredom has tainted her legacy a little and I now tend to just remember Steve’s grand work. These days he’s on Radio 1, Radio 2 and the afternoon host on BBC 6 Music, also home to the beloved Gideon Coe. His shows remain a delight, but he’s gone back to his roots and you can read his musings on music in blog form. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, he’s still as bloody great as he was back in his pre-radio days.

Go here for a number of witty, eloquent and downright entertaining blog posts.

Why do I bother?

One thought on “So, in conclusion, don’t read this…

  1. Great post!

    In the same thread, vinyl is back and a small group of us in Boise, Idaho are doing our part to get the word out and help organize social groups for communal listening and friendship.

    We’re a little under one year old but already have over 100 members and thanks to a recent Associated Press article ( we’re getting requests from people all over the US and Canada who want to start their own local chapters of VPS.

    Check us out at or on MySpace:


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