In a word, ‘toss’

Don’t waste your money on the new albums by Bloc Party or The Verve. I’ve tried to listen to them a few times now, but with no joy. Each time I find myself skipping to the next track to avoid torturing myself. I’m sure some of you reading this will like one or both if you spend long enough with them, but, fuck me, there’s better stuff out there to be spending your cash on and filling your time.

I was going to write a long, and quite possibly pretentious, dismissal of these two records, but what’s the point? I think they’re both a bit shit. I quite liked the single, ‘Love Is Noise’, but most of the album is six minutes plus drones with fuck all in the way of lyrical quality and utterly inoffensive music. As for Bloc Party, it occasionally piqued my interest but then, just as quickly, pissed me off.

Don’t you wish broadsheet reviews were like this?