Vinyl Junkies moves on

I’ve been doing this for about five years now under the name ‘Vinyl Junkies’. That site is looking quite tired now and the name is a little confusing as people think it refers to either a record shop in London or some club night or other. As much as I love vinyl, and I really do, the main thing I write about is music, not the format. And so, ‘Just Played’ is born. The logic being, I’ll dash here to write about something exciting that I’ve just played. Simple really.

I’m hoping that the regular readers of ‘Vinyl Junkies’ will come and join me here and that some new folk, not necessarily fans of vinyl, may also pitched up and join in the fun. Feel free, if saying that out loud to add some air quotes to the word fun. It’ll make you look a bit of a tit, but it’ll make that sentence more accurate.

I’d love to say that the writing will become far less shambolic from here on in, but this is pretty much all you’ll ever get. To get in touch either comment at the bottom of any post that takes your fancy or you can email

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