For Tomorrow

I’ve been a little bit giddy since it was announced that Blur were returning to life as a four-piece, this intensified when I actually got tickets and now the moment is very nearly here. The band do their first ‘warm up’ show tomorrow in Colchester before gradually performing for larger and larger crowds en route to Glastonbury. As part of this rejuvenated push, EMI are releasing a rather decent selection of Blur songs as ‘Midlife: A Beginner’s Guide’ and The Guardian will have an interview with the whole band in the Weekend magazine in tomorrow’s paper. I’m really quite excited about buying tomorrow’s Guardian, such is my desire to read about life in Blur 2.0.

To whet the proverbial appetite, they’ve been releasing various video clips of them rehearsing for the tour onto the web. Here they are, collected for your enjoyment…

And here’s a link to watch a lovely little Channel 4 interview with the band.

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