Glasto update #3

Glastonbury on BBC3 is a bit of chore this year. Isn’t it meant to be fun? Don’t I normally really enjoy this? I’m struggling to think of anything particularly splendid thus far. Doves were great, but then they always are. I mentioned The Hot 8 Brass Band on Twitter, and they’re pretty great. For more, pick out last night’s BBC2 show (the 11.20 one) from iPlayer. They’re very near the start. Apparently, Kasabian are ‘absolutely killing’ on the main stage right now, according to Bowman. Follow Bowman loathing via the Twitter account. She’s just said Kasabian in a ‘comedy’ way. Oh, she’s so ironic.

Hello to whoever runs Maps‘ myspace page, by the way. Assuming you come back for a second time!

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