Madness. Divine.

An old man thrusting his crotch forth and lifting his shirt in the street would be a pervert. Put him on a stage in Pilton and it’s entertainment. Apparently. Just ask Tom Jones. Still, at the same time they were showing Tony Christie on the red button and he was fucking marvellous. What an entertainer. After a bit of drifting around the red button options and watching Mark Radcliffe freezing Lauren Laverne out of the Tom Jones interview, we were then treated to Madness who, if I’m being absolutely honest, were the highlight of the weekend’s coverage thus far. Bursting with energy and possessing a setlist of pure quality, they proceeded to entertain and delight for the best part of an hour’s telly viewing. The massive bouncing accompanying ‘House Of Fun’ and ‘Baggy Trousers’ was really rather charming and speaking of massive bouncing, did anybody notice how the director included a shot of a female member of the crowd displaying her breasts for all and sundry? I’m sure there’s a great reason related to artistic integrity, but I’m buggered if I can think of it right now. Jarvis and Yeah Yeah Yeahs looking good on the red button, although they’ve only just appeared and were on at the same time, so may need to nip to the BBC site for some catchup action tomorrow.

Blur soon…

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