(Slightly) Bored In The Uk

Clearly, Glastonbury is not best experienced from your sofa and, as such, any comments I make about the festival are entirely limited to the BBC coverage. But, this year really doesn’t seem to have hit the highs of recent Glastos, at least from the couch potato’s perspective. The red button content has been pretty limited and not especially exciting. Fewer new bands seem to have been shown and the waffle quota from the presenters seems to have been doubled at the very least. God bless the like of Gideon Coe and the ever-charming Adam & Joe on 6music for their sterling efforts in terms of bringing the festival to those us dotted around the country.

Franz Ferdinand, as much as I love their recent album – normal and dub version, were good but failed to thrill, while Bruce Springsteen was a tremendous presence, in fine voice but as extraordinarily lengthy as he always is. Glasto is perhaps not the time to test people’s endurance and from a TV perspective it was time to press the red button. Except there was bugger all on there.

As with 2007, Maximo Park offered a wonderful performance and the thirty minutes of their set that got shown several thousand times on the aforementioned additional channels was hugely enjoyable, even if Paul did use the same line about how grateful they were for people coming to see them despite the choice that they used last time. Ultimately, I just keep thinking about how long it is until we get to see Blur. Not long now. I wonder if my extreme anticipation for Damon, Graham, Alex and Dave is spoiling everything else for me? Or it could just be because I’m pissed off at being riddled with hay fever and too sodding warm. And there’s a heatwave coming.

Anyway, keep yourself amused during today’s early evening broadcast by searching Twitter for the Edith Bowman hate campaign; it’s oddly addictive. The failure to use Phill Jupitus this year is a screw up on the Beeb’s part and the continued banishment of Adam & Joe from presenting duties on BBC3 due to some Rolf Harris incident seven years ago seems ludicrous. As always, thirty minute video highlights from some of the artists are available from the BBC Glasto site, as are the 6music shows broadcast over the weekend.

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