Headless Highcross

I can’t help noticing that I’m attracting quite a lot of traffic from people attempting to find out if Head Entertainment have reopened the Zavvi store in Leicester Highcross, as a result of a recent post I did about the slightly uncertain future of the Head stores that have hitherto appeared. Thus, I feel compelled to offer up the information for those who would like to know. Put simply, the old Zavvi store in Highcross can’t reopen as a Head store because it’s already reopened as Powerplay, seemingly the same people who run the Powerplay Direct website. Now, that website’s not too bad and I’ve bought a few things from them previously but the shop, admittedly in its very early days, didn’t do an awful lot for me. It opened at the start of the month and had its ‘official’ opening on July 4th, mere hours before half the shopping centre got closed due to a pane of glass falling from the ceiling and smashing in rather close proximity to a coffee shop. After this inauspicious start, I visited the following day. The old Virgin black and yellow tape is still on the metal stairs up to the first floor, the old classical music section is still out of action and has ‘classical’ written down the door with the Virgin Megastore logo still visible. The stock is bizarre. While there are some Fopp-like DVD bargains, the rest of the DVD stock is random at best, both in content and price. As for the music range, I didn’t find anything to buy and I did try quite hard. There was the usual chart stuff at the usual prices, some back catalogue bits and bobs that ranged from obvious to esoteric but, in all cases, without much depth. Prices were nothing special and most of the display space given over to music (the raised bit of the first floor, so not much) was filled with the usual 2 for so many quids type offers. I wish them well, as we need as many music retailers as possible, but they’re not worth a visit on their own. Hope that helps!

P.S. Anyone able to confirm how Rockaboom is doing? Wasn’t open on the Sunday when I was there. Lovely little shop.


One thought on “Headless Highcross

  1. Interestingly, Powerplay Direct is an evolution of the old Powerplay micro-chain which used to have two very small branches – one in Newbury and one in Eastbourne. I frequented the Newbury one on a weekly basis right up until its closure in 2004 – the staff were knowledgable and friendly, the obscure EPs and singles they stocked were excellent and the prices were competitive. Many was the time I’d order something vaguely obscure – the Scott Walker ‘Jacques Brel’ compilation, for example – only to be greeted with a long discussion about that artist.

    Sadly, both shops closed around the time that HMV had its big expansion.

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