40. Dan Arborise – Around In Circles

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A reasonably uneventful summer is coming to a close and I’m increasingly turning to old favourites when it comes to my listening. It’s not so much that I have any problems with the new music appearing, I just want to wallow a bit in the tunes that will truly comfort me and offer an aural hug.

My regular visits to Reveal Records in Derby continued apace, although little was being bought and for a number of consecutive visits I’d left with very little. As I came to the end of almost thirty minutes of browsing around what was a relatively small shop, I realised that I wasn’t paying attention to the rack I was working my way through. Instead, I was transfixed by the lulling guitar sound coming out of the speaker just behind my head. I stood there for another four minutes, staring at nothing in particular, until all nine minutes of the track had entered my world.

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Three minutes later, I was in possession of a copy of Dan Arborise’s debut album, ‘Around In Circles’, featuring that track that had awoken me from my musical nostalgia trip – ‘To The Sea’. The whole album is a work of effective understatement and is utterly charming. ‘Let Me Be’, ‘Beauty Through Her Eyes’ and the aforementioned ‘To The Sea’ remain some of my favourite songs to this day and have, in somewhat oxymoronic fashion, a gently euphoric feel about them that can calm this often antagonised mind. It didn’t sell many, the world barely noticed its charms but, while it might not be as trail-blazing as some of the stuff to follow on this list, if you like ‘To The Sea’, it is an album I can only implore you to investigate. You can thank me another time.

Just Played’s 40 From The Noughties

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Right then. Between now and the end of the year, I’ll be posting about my top 40 albums from the past ten years. The order will inevitably seem wrong by the time I finish, and I’m sure there will be some albums missing which you think should be there. I can’t vouch for these being the BEST 40 albums since 2000, only that these are 40 albums that mean an awful lot to me and which I truly love listening to. Hopefully, that’ll come across in the writing. Feel free to comment as we go, it might be fun!

And yes, there will be a normal end of year list in the last week or two also. I can’t guarantee I’ll update this every day, or how many albums will get posted each time, but it will be done by December 31st, 2009. I promise.

First one coming shortly.