27. Tindersticks – Waiting For The Moon

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I came late to the music of Tindersticks and ended up buying loads of their records in a short space of time. A wealth of wonderful music entered my world, but two albums in particular stood out. Their superlative second record and this, 2003’s ‘Waiting For The Moon’, their last album before a long break and a halving in personnel. Often languid, occasionally discordant and always atmospheric, ‘Waiting For The Moon’ is a wonderful collection of songs.

27 Tindersticks

For me, it hinges on a double song salvo in the second half. ‘Sometimes It Hurts’ is a charming duet with Lhasa de Sela, straight off the classics pile from which ‘Travelling Light’, ‘Buried Bones’ and, from the wonderful new album ‘Falling Down The Mountain’, ‘Peanuts’ have all come. I may be way off the mark on this one, but I’ve always taken the line, “what got you to thinking I had a different song?” to mean that Stuart Staples’ character is looking at a long-term relationship and pointing out that he isn’t like to change. The low burr of his repeated statements of acceptance are utterly beguiling.

This is the then followed by the widescreen sound (apologies for the Q magazine style cliché, but it’s true) of ‘My Oblivion’, which slowly builds and builds but never quite seems to get there. And it’s that holding back that makes it so irresistible. Every time you hear it, you know what you’re going to get, but that sense of expectation is just as powerful on the thirty-first listen as on the first. They’ve released better – and are soon going to do so again – but this one works brilliant as an album to put on and absorb from start to finish.

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