Song Of The Day 4: Pulp – Mis-Shapes

I had pretty much forgotten this song entirely when I heard it on 6music yesterday morning. I hadn’t forgotten Pulp and I hadn’t forgotten albums like ‘His ‘N’ Hers’ and ‘This Is Hardcore’, but I had, somehow, forgotten most of ‘Different Class’. Obviously, it hadn’t be completely wiped and if you’d asked me to list the tracks on the album, I’d have managed most if not all of them, but I had forgotten just how great some of the songs are. My rampant nostalgia for aspects of Britpop always seems to overlook the obvious stuff. The slow-fast-slow-fast, quaint-angry-quaint-angry approach to songs Pulp did so well around the middle of the Nineties is demonstrated here in one of their very best examples. It’s just a perfect pop song, with cracking lyrics and not a single wasted note.


And don’t forget, Jarvis starts his new Sunday afternoon show on the aforementioned 6music this very weekend. More details here.

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