Song Of The Day 5: Ellie Goulding – Wish I Stayed

I seem to remember banging on about this wonderful singer some time last year when ‘Under The Sheets’ was offered up as free download by the good folks at Neon Gold records. Her appearance today is a result of the BBC’s Sound of 2010 list finally concluding with the rather splendid Miss Goulding perched at the top. Firstly, telling me who’ll be big in 2010, in 2010, once the album promos are out, the marketing budgets are clear and the BRITs critics awards are already out there hardly requires mystic powers of any great merit. If you want to impress me properly, tell me what’ll be big in 2011. Anyhoo, her appearance at the top of the list will ensure that more people hear her absolutely beautiful music, and that’s no bad thing. Plus, lots of people will be bunging her name in Google today, and it’d be nice to get the traffic to the site!

I had a bit of a pootle around the interweb last night to see how much Goulding music was out there, as with the early days of the-actually-even-better-by-some-distance-so-let’s-not-dwell-on-her-now Laura Marling, and I ended up being able to assemble a makeshift album. And it’s none too shabby either. For a start, I’ve previously mentioned the fabulous 2009 single, ‘Under The Sheets’, and tweeted about the greatness of its b-side, ‘Fighter Plane’. Add in ‘Wish I Stayed’, the demo of which was free from her website for a while and a version of which is including in the ‘Introduction To’ EP available from iTunes, and things are looking good. The video of ‘Wish I Stayed’ linked to below is available as part of that EP also, and is pretty decent example of how great her songs are, even when only featuring guitar and piano. If you dig around long enough you’ll find a remix/cover of Passion Pit’s ‘Sleepyhead’, wonderful covers of Midlake’s ‘Roscoe’, Bon Iver’s ‘Wolves’ and Sam Sparro’s ‘Black & Gold’. Keep an eye out for ‘Starry-Eyed’, ‘The End’ and ‘Guns And Horses’ and you’ll have ten splendid bits of music to enjoy.

It’s hard to imagine her not being huge after all this publicity, but don’t let it put you off. She truly is something special and for all the clamouring over Little Boots and Florence last year, I would argue that this music is more engaging, more interesting and more substantial than anything they released in 2009. Ellie Goulding has got that special something. Here’s hoping the album delivers.


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