Song Of The Day 6: Saint Etienne – Jackie Collins Existential Question Time

The two best covers I heard last year were both officially released as remixes, despite having somewhere between none and a minimal amount of the original actually featured in them. I’ve posted previously about the wonderful remix of Florence’s ‘You Got The Love’ by Jamie from The xx, which basically involved The xx doing their own version of the song and then chopping up a bit of Florence in the breakdown section of the track. It’s a beauty.

The other wonderful cover was given a very low-key release as part of the initially download only (and even since only a very limited vinyl pressing) album of ‘Journal For Plague Lovers’ remixes for the Manic Street Preachers. Each track from the album was remixed by a different artist, with hugely varying degrees of success, but most opted to actually keep the main elements of the original in place. Saint Etienne said ‘sod that’ and rebuilt what was already the album’s poppiest track into something wonderful kitsch. The world of music was already saturated with Saint Etienne deluxe editions, best ofs and the magnificent 2009 take on ‘Foxbase Alpha’ by Richard X (cunningly titled ‘Foxbase Beta’) and so nobody paid an awful lot of attention to what was, songwriting credit aside, a new Saint Etienne song.

Sounding not unlike a Sixties girl group smash at times, lyrical content aside, and with the twee turned up to full, it’s a gloriously sunny pop song and ideal for perking you up as you look at the ever-present snow whilst hugging the radiator.

(If you’d rather Spotify it, along with having a look at the full list of remixers, click here or if you’re a Manics fan and haven’t heard about the special vinyl pressing of the ‘Journal For Plague Lovers’ vinyl, click here)

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