Song Of The Day 7: Nina Simone – O-o-h Child

Nope, I’ve no idea why it’s written like that either. It is, as you might imagine, sung as ‘Ooh’. It was originally recorded by a Chicago Soul group called The Five Stairsteps, but I first heard this track as covered by Nina Simone on her ‘Here Comes The Sun’ album, which is now one of my absolute favourite records. There are better Nina Simone tracks out there, I know, but something about this set of eight songs together just works perfectly for me. I remember purchasing a foreign import LP of it from the now defunct Soul Alley in Leeds while I was at uni there for the grand sum of eight quid and playing it to death that summer. It never once sounded tired, and it never has since. I’m wallowing in a head cold today and moping around the house. That’s the kind of day this record was made for. I’d recommend you spend some time listening to all eight tracks on this one here or by actually purchasing the thing here, in its lovely remastered, mini-vinyl edition from a few years back.

I’ve plumped for this track as it’s probably the most instantly lovely track on the whole album and it’s valiantly attempting to raise my furrowed brow right now. Click the lovely album artwork for ‘Here Comes The Sun’ to launch ‘O-o-h Child’ in Spotify or click here for an incorrectly labelled video on YouTube.

softd 7

(There was going to be another post today about a pretty special new Welsh band, Under Alien Skies, about whom I was informed by the excellent Radio Wales new music hound, Adam Walton. I’m in no fit state to write that, unfortunately – the above piece took three times longer than normal! – but I should point out that he’ll be playing all of their fantastic new EP on his show tonight, 10pm on Radio Wales. You can listen live here or on the iPlayer tomorrow.)

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