Song Of The Day 8: Everything But The Girl – The Night I Heard Caruso Sing

Ah, soothe my bunged up head, why don’t you? Something gentle, lovely and utterly charming for you today. For some reason, in amongst my liking for this band’s dance direction in the late nineties, I opted to buy Everything But The Girl’s ‘Idlewild’, their 1988 album most famous for containing ‘I Don’t Want To Talk About It’. Dating from their delicate, acoustic, folksy period it isn’t all solid gold but there’s something about this particular song that gets me every time. The understated vocal performance by Ben Watt is magical, as is the moment when Tracey Thorn comes in alongside him towards the end of the song. It’s not a hugely revered choice and it hardly makes a case for my resounding musical credentials, but I just think it’s beautiful. Simple as that. Try it yourself. Click here for a bit of Spotify action or, if you’d rather, play the YouTube clip below.

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