Song Of The Day 12: The Drums – Saddest Summer

Ah, the joy of the comfort order. You’re feeling icky, sitting at the computer, your mind wanders and next thing you know you’re filling up your Amazon basket. I finally remembered to add The Drums’ 7 track mini-album thingy, ‘Summertime’, having been meaning to pick this up for some weeks. They got an NME cover last week in their ‘New for 2010’ issue – although you have to suspect that was at least in part simply because they were avoiding being accused of jumping on the bandwagon by putting Ellie Goulding on the cover in the same week she got her BBC Sound of 2010 award. Anyhoo, they were right to put them on the front page because they’re wonderful. The exuberance is, thankfully, bordering on contagious and the seven tracks breeze by, tickling your eardrums seductively as they pass. The most charmingly rough-around-the-edges sounds-like-a-new-band-having fun track is this one, ‘Saddest Summer’. Listen below and purchase the EP here.

Hopefully, I’ll have the new ‘A Week With’ for you tomorrow, energy levels permitting. Don’t worry, I’m not expecting sympathy. Or grapes. Red ones, of course.


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