Song Of The Day 13: Frankie & The Heartstrings – Hunger

“I could walk 50 yards from here and find 10 musicians who are a million times better than us, but fuck me they’re boring. There’ll be a band in Newcastle one of these days with so many fucking delay pedals you’ll have to stand in Hartlepool to hear them.” So speaks Dave Harper, drummer in Frankie & The Heartstrings. This quote comes from last week’s new music for 2010 issue of the NME. I only read it this morning and I laughed out loud. So rarely do a new band have anything interesting to say in these preview pieces. They’re normally so busy trying to prove how incredibly cool they are that they forget to bolt on their chosen personality for that day. Not so this lot. Harper was also responsible for the glorious sentence, “I hate you Bono, stop clicking your fingers, you tit.” Again, I laughed, so gloriously small scale is the insult. To seal the deal, Pete Gofton, brother of 6music’s lovely morning show host, boldly asserts that, “’Biology’ by Girls Aloud is better than anything in Radiohead’s back catalogue. It’s three choruses bolted together and it never repeats itself. It’s an incredible song. It pisses all over anything on ‘Kid A’.” I may not completely agree with the comparison, but I’ve taken some shit in the past for extolling the virtues of that track and anyone willing to further its cause is alright by me. That’s tomorrow’s song choice sorted.

On top of all of this, they’ve got a bloody marvellous, hook-laden charmer of a single out, along with all sorts of random, catalogue-numbered stuff on their own ‘PopSex’ imprint and a 10” that appears to be all about the packaging still available from select musical emporiums. Anyway, suffice to say, the article sent me scurrying to the internet and I was genuinely excited by what I heard. The hype might well be justified and the interviews are guaranteed to always be worth a read. A quick bit of internet searching will allow you to track down a few of their quality tunes, although their Myspace suggests you should just email them and ask. You may even receive a rather amusing response, as I did. What’s not to love?

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